Arieseni: Prices for 2007-2008 season

10/12/2007: In Arieseni the slopes are open for almost a month now, the resort being one of the most sure place to go for ski or snowboard in this season. If you intend to go for few days to try the Vartop ... read more »

Cavnic: Prices for 2007-2008 season

06/12/2007: It looks like the snow has settled on the slopes from the resort and don't wants to leave very soon. Here are the lifts prices for this season: Roata Teleski - One ride: 3 lei - 12 rides ski ... read more »

Come to ski!

16/11/2007: This invitation came from some Romanian ski resorts located in Maramures and Transylvania. Till now we know for sure that the following resorts will be open for skiers and boarders: Arieseni, Cavnic, ... read more »

First serious snow

12/11/2007: In most of the Romanian ski resorts big amounts of snow had fall in the last days. Right now the snow measures 60-90 cm in Balea Lac, 50-70 cm in Cavnic and Arieseni, 30-50 cm in Parang and Paltinis, ... read more »

A promising seson it's about to start

09/11/2007: It looks like the new season of 2007-2008 will be reacher in snow then the previous one - has been previewed by the weather mens and by the weather itself too. Right now it's snowing in many of the ... read more »

The end of the season?

22/03/2007: As most of the people declared that the end of the ski season it's days ahead, the nature wanted to speak against it by letting some snow to fall. Although the new snow will give only few days more to ... read more »

Free acces in March 8th at Arieseni for the women

07/03/2007: The skilift management will provide free acces to the Vartop slope for all the women that will be there on 8th March, as a plus the women would be able to spend a night for free at the nearby ... read more »

One meter of snow in Maramures

02/02/2007: Due to the last snowfalls almost all the ski slopes from Maramures have one meter of snow depth. The slopes from Mogosa, Suior and Cavnic have a snow layer of 80-130 cm, on the upper slopes of Borsa ... read more »

It snowed!

29/01/2007: Finally it snowed in all the Romanian ski resorts. Some slopes were opened for the first time this season, it's the case of Suior, Izvoare, Vatra Dornei and Sinaia, and others (Cavnic, Borsa, Straja, ... read more »

Straja: All Season Passes

13/01/2007: For this winter season there are season passes that allows you to use the lifts when you want and how often you want with no limitations. There are two types of season passes, one that allows you to ... read more »

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